Clarity drives success.

No business is alike. Successful design solutions are founded on clear understanding of the problem, the context, the human factors, and the exploration of possibilities.

Success begins with questions.

7 questions about your UI/UX and Web project.

  1. What business needs will your website meet? Brochure? Business process automation?
  2. What psychological needs will your website meet? Reassure? Galvanise action?
  3. Who are the explicit and “hidden” (political, etc) stakeholders?
  4. How will your website dovetail with your existing operations?
  5. Are you already committed to certain technical standards and platforms?
  6. What is you commitment to development and ongoing maintenance?
  7. Are you hoping your website will fix non-technical challenges like morale?

See UX/UI and Web work.

5 questions about your Visualisation project.

  1. How much do you and your audience share cultural and communication styles?
  2. What medium is the work intended for? On-screen or printed? Small or large scale?
  3. What existing standards (accessibility, branding, etc) will we need to comply with?
  4. Will the work play the primary or supportive role in the communication?
  5. How critical (to safety, financial security, etc) is the comprehension of the work?

See Infographic and Illustration and other non-web Screen work.

5 questions about your Brand project.

  1. What (other than price and features) sets you apart from your competition?
  2. Who is your project/business – values, strengths, drivers, fears, and ethics?
  3. What competing brands are your current and desired customers exposed to?
  4. How committed are you to publicising and marketing your brand ongoingly?
  5. What challenges (beyond marketing) are you hoping your brand will resolve?

See Brand, Print, and Environment work.

Need help problem-solving beyond design?

If these questions reveal challenges beyond what design can resolve, especially if they are clouded by strong emotions, you may wish to consider my integrative problem-solving service.