another smaller collage of various worksI work with clients around the world.

Commissioning a custom illustration involves the following eight steps:

  1. Please read our Terms of Engagement.
  2. Please send us an email describing your requirements and deadline. Attach relevant visual reference materials like photos, sketches, technical drawings, or references from the internet. All communications are confidential. Please read our Privacy Policy.
  3. We will be in touch with questions and a preliminary scope of work. We may have questions to discuss via emails or a Zoom meeting.
  4. We will then provide a formal quotation, fixed for 30 days. This will include our agreed scope of work and an indicative delivery timeframe.
  5. If our quotation is acceptable, please send us an email to:
    • Accept our quotation and the included scope of work,
    • Attach a PDF of the completed Terms of Engagement form,
    • Attach a purchase order from your organisation (if you use one), and
    • Attach or link to relevant logo and reference files.
  6. We will begin work. We will email or Dropbox you work-in-progress low-resolution preview files along the way, to indicate progress, and to ask any questions we may have.
  7. Once you accept the final preview as finished and completed by sending us an email, we will issue you our invoice. Note: multi-staged projects may be invoiced in stages. This will be discussed with you at the quotation stage.
  8. Once you have paid our invoice in full, we will email or Dropbox you the final files. You will then be the sole copyright owner of the custom illustration work and the supplied final files.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.