My style can be described as: bold, diagrammatic, friendly, clear, and informative. I strike a careful balance between communicating useful information and creating visual interest.

30-degree isometric illustrations show the three-dimensional form of an object. As all three X, Y, and Z axes use the same scale, isometric illustrations are not measurably distorted. Unlike perspective drawings, isometric illustrations may be combined to form more complex scenes without redrawing from scratch. Isometric illustrations are great for showing how hardware components fit together and work together.

Collage of my illustrations


Isometric illustrations are all created from scratch and not traced from photographs (which are perspective projections with vanishing points.) Isometric illustrations are not intended to precisely replicate actual objects, but rather to show just-enough detail to meet your communication needs.

More examples of my work are available in my portfolios on the following stock libraries:

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Note: the copyright of custom commissioned illustrations belong to their respective commissioning entities. These works are never uploaded to my stock library portfolios.

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